Officially launched in January of ’19, but a work in progress since February of ’15.

I’m a full time working Dad, so I get it-you REALLY might not have the time to go to a gym-but you want to stay in shape. You might want to build out a garage or home gym, but have no idea where to start. Hopefully, this little project of mine might help out!

Free workouts, free advice, free stories. Totally free. Like, for real. Forever. This isn’t a retirement plan for me, just an opportunity to help.

You’re welcome to browse the site, copy, paste, share, and judge. Leave a piece of your mind on the way out, and be fitter than yesterday

GDF 224

5 Rounds:
24 Calorie Row
12 Push Press
12 Hang Power Cleans

GDF 223

18 Minutes:
20 Wall Balls
100m Farmer Carry
15 Box Jumps
50m Bear Crawl

GDF 222

15 Minutes:
10 Deficit Pushups (do ring pushups, use dumbbells/kettlebells/parallettes)
8 Double Kettlebell/Dumbbell Deadlifts
30 Double Unders

GDF 221

Every Minute For 20 Minutes:
-Double Unders
*Pick numbers where you can complete BOTH in less than 1 Minute

GDF 220

7 Rounds:
100m Farmer Carry
50m Bear Crawl
50m Walking Lunge
50 Double Unders


Venice Beach, CA

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